Hard Rock Nick Society
Hard Rock Nick Society is a community-driven project devoted to creating game-fi and passive income opportunities on the Avalanche blockchain.
We are taking finance and NFT-gamification to the next level with hold-to-earn and play-to-earn mechanics.
Our Nick NFTs are a collection of 1111 unique reflection NFT's with 77% Avax reflections and secondary sales royalties for holders when sold on the marketplace such as Kalao or TofuNFT. The NFTs will play a key part in later stages of development for the Hard Rock Nick pixel game and feature rarity rank, score and unique traits that will influence later actions that can be taken by a player or influence their environments.
The reflections earned from Nick NFT's come when a new NICK is minted and a portion of the fee (77%) is distributed between all existing NICK holders.
NICKs also play a key role in governance and we do snapshot votes where 1 NICK = 1 VOTE.
Therefore, NICK's are a key and fundamental part of the entire ecosystem and holding NICKs entails having a role in helping shape the ecosystem.
Nicks will also earn $BASED reflections as 1.5% of each $BASED sell order is deposited into the Nick Fund community wallet which buys back and distributed $BASED to all NICK holders.
$BASED Protocol is our AutoCompounding / AutoStaking token with a 69,420% APY with healthy anti-whale and anti-dump mechanics and a long-term compound cycle to ensure that the protocol flourishes for years to come. Regular buy-backs and burns are key features of the protocol that ensure that inflation is kept under control. Because the token is AutoStaking you just need to hold it in your wallet to start to earn more $BASED tokens. It is recommended to hold the token for 28 days minimum to enter into the Diamond Hands Dojo and to get the greatest ROI before unloading small parts of your bag daily or weekly as passive income.
Casino Nodes and Nicks Laundromat are two other choices for NICKs looking to earn passive income and begin their journeys to becoming a casino moguls. Results will vary by how NICKs choose to play the game and whether they choose to stick to the rules.
All of this will culminate in Phase 3 with our very own Hard Rock Nick Simulator P2E game that will incorporate various elements of the protocols so far released and additional storytelling mechanics.
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